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About Rock Solid Concrete

Concrete Contractor in Dayton Ohio specializes in concrete paving for fixing, grading, paving, fabric overlays, seal coating, crack sealing, striping, and anything else you may need. Our professionals work hard to ensure that your asphalt and concrete are clean, look great, can withstand the wear and tear of the components and your daily operations, and, most importantly, can help you maintain the value of your investment. By doing so, we prioritize consumer loyalty through careful design and by chance.

If you have a specific project in mind, rest assured that we're just down the road and a phone calls away. Allow us to provide the highest quality materials and labor for your next concrete project, and we'll bring our extensive experience to bear.

Goal of the company

The company has a simple goal: to meet your customers' expectations by providing superior service and high-quality goods.

Regions Most Experience Contractor

Some of the region's most experienced estimators, project managers, safety coordinators, and worksite supervisors make up our building management team. From the initial bidding and planning stages to the timely completion of the work, we work together to orchestrate a smooth and stress-free project for each owner. We lead with a passionate approach to exceeding our customers' expectations, which has earned us a statewide reputation. Our entire team specializes in hand-placed concrete projects in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.


1. Integrity – We are a multi-award-winning firm that takes pride in our work.
2. Expertise – Commercial, industrial, and residential concreting are all areas of expertise for us.
3. Value – We provide complete concrete solutions, including both laying and polishing, at a lower cost.

We value customers satisfaction

Owner integration, coordination sessions, fast turnaround of documents, and a relentless approach to customer satisfaction are some of our key components for effective construction management. With deep roots in the western area of Ohio, we believe in treating our clients like neighbors – by providing outstanding service every step of the way, we assist local businesses in growing and promoting the region's overall economic growth.

Honest Work Ethics

We understand the importance of health and safety, as well as the consequences it will have on your home. We adhere to all health and safety regulations set forth by the construction industry, ensuring a safe working environment. We understand the challenges of dealing with a noisy workplace after speaking with past clients. To minimize disruption to you and your neighbors, we make sure that all loud work is done during the day and at a reasonable hour. We are distinguished from other businesses by our honest work ethic. We work closely with our clients from start to finish. We take pride in focusing on one job at a time, and we will not leave your job until you are completely happy. Owners can count on us to provide the tools and skills they need to keep their projects on budget and on schedule.
It is our pleasure to construct and develop for you the highest quality our field has to offer, so you can enjoy your investment for many years and seasons to come.

Rock Solid Concrete

Rock Solid Concrete

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